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Proper Way to Pray Chaplain Gary Rayburn

1 Kings 8:54

And so it was, when Solomon had finished praying all this prayer and supplication to the Lord, that he arose from before the altar of the Lord, from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread up to heaven


You know we get many calls each week here at Rig Ministries.   One of the questions we get is, what does the Bible say about the proper way to pray. The Bible is very clear about this and in Mark 11: 25 you find praying standing, in 1st Chronicles 17:16 you find praying sitting, Exodus 34: 8 you find praying by bowing.  Psalms 6 verse 6 you find praying while reclining now that’s a great way to pray. In psalms 28 verse 2 we find praying with lifted hands, and in Matthew chapter 26 verse 39 we find praying on one’s face.  Now that’s a great way to pray.  I remember several times going to the Church and no one else there and laying on the altar on my face and praying.  What a great way to pray and connect with God.  In 1st Kings 18 verse 42 we find praying with our face between our knees, sometimes we just need to bow our face in our knees and cry to God for His help.   In 1st Kings  8 verse 54 we find praying from one’s knees, and I have gotten many testimonies from drivers stopping there trucks and getting on their knees in there sleeper or out on the shoulder beside their trucks on their knees crying out to God and giving their lives to Christ from on their knees, we have heard from many drivers doing just that!

 Here is a little poem I found and I just love and I hope you will too!

“The proper way for a man to pray,” Said Deacon Lionel Keyes,
“And the only proper attitude Is down upon his knees.”
“No, I should say the way to pray,” Said Reverend Doctor Wise,
“Is standing straight with outstretched arms And rapt and upturned eyes.”
“Oh, no, no, no,” said Elder Snow, “Such posture is too proud.
A man should pray with eyes fast-closed And head contritely bowed.”
“It seems to me his hand should be  clasped in front
With both thumbs pointing toward the ground,” Said Reverend Doctor Blunt.
“Well, I pray while resting every day,” Said Mr. Henry Pack.
“So I should think you say your prayers While lying on your back.”
“Last year I fell in Murphy’s well— Headfirst,” said Farmer Brown.
“With both my knees a’stickin’ up And my head a’pointin’ down.”
“And I made a prayer right then and there, The best prayer I ever said,
The prayingest prayer I ever prayed, A’standing on my head.”

“So, if your prayers come  From mouth and not from soul;

God may just someday let you Fall into a hole!”

Yes there are many ways to pray, but the key to prayer is praying with our hearts!  It’s a thing of the heart! When we cry out from our hearts, God hears our cries!


And I know this much for sure friends, Jesus loves you and we here at Rig Ministries we love you too! And this is Chaplain Gary Rayburn and we will talk at you later!


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Bob Wilson talks about Fracking in Illinois

 Bob Wilson of Rig Ministries, and CEO of Les Wilson Inc. recently spoke to the Kiwanis here in Carmi about the upcoming fracking that so many are interested in here in Illinois.  Bob will also be one of the guest speakers at the Kingdom Congress Conference on October 12 at the Fires of Revival Church located in Benton IL at 902 S. McLeansboro Street.  Bob will be speaking on “The Art of Fracking.” 

Bob Wilson has been in the oil industry all his life, he started out talking about his grandfather and how he began working in the oilfield at the age of 15.  He hauled nitroglycerine with a team of horses to oilfield sites.  The nitro was packed into the holes and ignited to open up formations.  Oil men hoped to get oil, but sometimes they got water.  There was no exact science.  This was really the beginning of fracking and the process has continued over the years. Bob’s grandfather Leslie F. Wilson went on to start his own company in the oil field in 1940 and is the founder of Les Wilson drilling.  Today we have become more modern and now we use big pumps which includes pumping water and non-harmful chemicals along with sand at high rate of speed with hopes of opening up formations. 

Les Wilson Inc. recently drilled the vertical project for Strata X off Route 50 in Xenia,IL. And Strata X has a permit to frack at the end of October.  This will be the gauge on what might happen here in Southern Illinois.  Bob went on to explain that if they do hit oil through horizontal fracking, one pad can hold as many as eight wells 20 feet apart, once they know where they are going.  These types of setups are called walking rigs.  Bob told the Kiwanas club that there are several contractors right here in Southern Illinois who can take care of the needs. 

Right now, vertical drilling in White County goes down about 4,000 feet deep.  The new type of fracking will go deeper to about 8,000 feet.  Once they reach the location they desire, they will go out horizontally 5,000 to 6000 feet and the technology today can keep a bit on the drill within  one or two feet inside the pay zone.   

The fracking projects are pricy, with the horizontal drills topping 1 million dollars.  A vertical price tag runs about 150,000 dollars. 

Bob said if fracking were to happen in this area with success, it would bring jobs in.  However, he said his company is not investing in what might happen.  They will react when it happens.

This town has been through several oil booms, said Mr. Wilson. “I really hope something does happen here.  They can do all the science they can, but until they actually drill it, we won’t know.”

Bob noted that many regulations are in place for those working on the rigs, including mandated clothing, which requires FR jeans and shirts.  The jeans have to be worn along with the long sleeve shirts, which is a OSHA rule.  The clothing rule has been over turned in several states, but is still on the books in Illinois.

Mr. Wilson concluded by explaining there are all kinds of formations, and companies right now are just exploring.  He did note that things are looking very promising for all who are involved in the oil industry at this time. 



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