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Hello Drivers I logged over 4 million miles as a truck driver from 1972 - 2007 and I have written a lot of it in my songs. God has taken me off the road and put me into full time ministry, but I still have a heart for all you drivers out there on that Ole Lonesome Road.. 
This New CD Project is dedicated to the over the road truck driver. They are the life line of this great nation we call America! " If you have it, "a trucker brought it" so we salute the American Trucker. We have teamed up with Dennis and Leslie McKay of M.A.C. Records to bring you this very special CD for the Truckers who keep America moving. So we salute the American Trucker’s with this CD. A Special Thanks goes out to Dennis & Leslie McKay, M.A.C. Records and studio 115A of Columbus, MS. For helping us bring to you a brand new Trucker's Music CD called Lonesome Road Volume # 1... We hope to debut it at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Ky. March 23,24,25 2017. If you want to get a copy of the CD contact us here on FB or log onto our website and you can 
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Here is April 2017 Newsletter!


 Calling All Truckers!!!!!

Rig Ministries is now 10 years old being founded in Feb, 2007 and since that time we have given away over a million and a half free cd's. many of you have been a part of this ministry by sending in your tithes, love offerings and donations to help fund this ministry. As many of you know when we first started this ministry we were funded by Les Wilson Inc. The last couple years tough times have hit the company, so we are asking for your prayers to go up for Bob & Stephanie Wilson and family and their company Les Wilson Inc. Rig Ministries needs your help to continue getting those free cds into the hands of the lost. We now have a DVD ministry, radio, television, and we have come out with our very first music cd that we are going to try and market to the truck stops and businesses. So if you can help us by placing these music cd's in your store, business or local truck stop give me a call and we will figure out how you can partner with us in getting these on the shelves to help us support this very important ministry and get the Gospel in the hands of many lost truckers.
We are excited about this project that we have with Mac Records out of Columbus, MS. Dennis and Leslie McKay have helped us produce this CD for the truckers out there on that Ole Lonesome Road. I feel that this is a way to reach the truckers out there on the road that is not picking up our free cd's because when they see them in the truck stops they see Church or Religion. So God has lead me to produce this Cd to reach those lost drivers.
With your help we are going to reach many that are lost and those that we have not been touching. By the time the drivers get to the end of this CD they will realize that God loves them and that we love them too and we want to help them by sending them lots more of our free cd's to help them each day with whatever problems that life throws at them. We are asking the drivers to contact us for prayer, free cd's of testimonies of other drivers that they can not only hear their testimonies but also call them and talk with them. So we need your help order more than one copy and give them to that special trucker that you know. If you order multiple copies we will send them to you for $10 dollars each. Just drop us a note and let us know how many copies you need. Here is our phone number 618-383-2107 email Let's keep those big wheels of the Gospel message rolling!

Rig Ministries has become a part of the Sunday Church programs on ITruckRadio on Sunday mornings 10 am to noon Eastern time on or This is a new door God has opened for us here at Rig Ministries we have also made several other contacts recently at the Mid America Truck Show last month and we are really excited about the doors and opportunities God has opened for us here and the 3 Fold Cord Ministries that we work with all over the Country. And speaking of the 3 Fold Cord it is time to start booking your reservations for our conference June 23,24,25 this year is going to be our biggest conference yet and rooms are going fast. James Payne is going to be doing a Concert Saturday night and preaching a message for all our Ministries Sunday Morning so make plans to stay for the Sunday Morning message by James Payne. You don't want to miss this message! Here is the contact Numbers for you to book your room!
Social House Bed & Breakfast Carmi 618-380-2232... Hay House Bed & Breakfast Carmi 708-955-4300...Super 8 - Grayville, IL. 618-375-7930 Windsor Oaks Motel Grayville, IL. 618-375-7930 Both Motels have Truck Parking! and we have Truck Parking at Rig Ministries!!!
From the Ole Mail Bag!
I haven't contacted you in a long time, but I just want to tell you what a blessing your CD's are. I retired from Arkansas Highway Police two years ago. While I was working, I violated company policy by handing out your CD's and telling anyone who would listen about my Jesus. As a government agency, we were not allowed to discuss Christianity, but I belong to God first. He always shielded me from getting into trouble. On one occasion, one of my Lieutenants told me I had to remove a cross from my rear view mirror. I asked him why and he said because we cannot offend the atheist. I smiled and told him, if he wanted it removed, he would have to do it himself because I would not do it. He tried several times to reach into the open window but could not do it. He finally yelled for me to ,"Just get rid of it" and walked away. That cross stayed there for over 18 years. That cross was also what lead Drivers to ask why I had it there which opened the door to our God conversations. The first time I was able to lead a driver to the Lord was the most excited I have ever been. Being a DOT officer, I dealt with truck drivers on a daily basis. Then one day, a truck driver gave me one of your CD's. I contacted you and you started sending me CD's. I have no idea how many hundreds of your CD's I given away, but they are powerful and I want to thank you for being a part of MY ministry out on the highway. Thank you for the caring and loving word of God you give to so many. When I retired, I didn't know what I was going to do with all the CD's you are still sending to me. I thought I was going to have to return them, but God found a way. I started my own business doing annual inspections on trucks, assisting companies with internal audits etc. I leave one of your CDs in every truck I inspect. If I can ever help you in any way, please let me know. God Bless you and your ministry. Thank you for your service to the Lord. Sharlote Mixon S & k Inspector Service Montrose, AR
Wow!! Sharlote that is a great testimony and we appreciate you being a part of Rig Ministries and we are proud to be working with you to reach the truckers!
Dear Gary
I know you must be very busy with the radio show and all. I have been praying for you and all at Rig Ministries. I work the steel mills between Gary, In. Chicago, IL. and Ohio weekly. I talk to many drivers about Jesus Christ and the happiness they can have in their lives. It sure is a blessing to be able to talk and pray with them then hand them something to listen to as they drive to their next destination. Rig Ministries is truly a blessing to all of us out here spreading God's word. Keep up the good work! Me being a trucker myself, they can relate to it all. I had a driver ask me the other day, "This God thing is really working for you, do you think it would work for me too?" I answered him, "Without a doubt." But he wasn't totally convinced yet. We'll keep working on him. By and By! I could use a few more tracts you sent me before when you send me the cd's I have requested and also any others that you think I need to hear and pass out! OH, like your testimony on the cd. That's what it's all about.
Sincerely Jim Hethcote
Keep up the good work Jim and thanks for your generous donation. God bless you and we hope to see you at our cd conference June 23,24,25 this year. I would love to meet you and shake your hand. You are doing a wonderful job out there on the highways and hedges.
Dear Gary
I just heard your radio program on the Vine. I would like to have a copy of last night's message by David Gibbs. It was the message about grasshoppers. I will send you a donation soon. God bless love your radio programs.
 Dear Gary and Rig Team:
I just love all your cd's but I would like to request some more copies of Rob Barnes testimony "I Seen Angels" for the ones who are asking me for a copy of it. I tell all my friends about this wonderful testimony but if you can't send any I understand. I know you must be overloaded with request. I am enclosing my monthly love offering. Sincerely Tessie... God bless Tessie and thanks
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Was a huge success 9 people were saved and we baptized 8 in the Jordan River as you can see below! 
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We passed the One Million mark of Cd's given away here at Rig Ministries.  Thanks to all who have helped make this possible with your donations and love offerings.  God bless you all in 2017!
Contact us and request this cd, "No Shame The Cross Won't Bear" and all we ask of you is that you will pray for Rig Ministries each time you listen to it in 2017. God bless you all and we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! 



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