Jump Start your Week is changing to Jump Start Your Day.  We will soon be heard Daily on the Tim Ridley Show Channel 146 on Sirius/XM radio and also on the Weekend Show.  So we will be on 7 days a week.  I would love to hear from the drivers, and send you some free cd's to listen to as you travel the highways each week. Just contact us with your mailing address and we can mail them to you or listen to our podcast\

For Truckers Only
Hello Drivers I logged over 4 million miles as a truck driver from 1972 - 2007 and I have written a lot of it in my songs. God has taken me off the road and put me into full time ministry, but I still have a heart for all you drivers out there on that Ole Lonesome Road..
This New CD Project is dedicated to the over the road truck driver. They are the life line of this great nation we call America! " If you have it, "a trucker brought it" so we salute the American Trucker. We have teamed up with Dennis and Leslie McKay of M.A.C. Records to bring you this very special CD for the Truckers who keep America moving. So we salute the American Trucker’s with this CD. A Special Thanks goes out to Dennis & Leslie McKay, M.A.C. Records and studio 115A of Columbus, MS. For helping us bring to you a brand new Trucker's Music CD called Lonesome Road Volume # 1... We hope to debut it at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Ky. March 23,24,25 2017. If you want to get a copy of the CD contact us here on FB or log onto our website and you can
order this CD Lonesome Road Volume 1...
Click the link above to listen to Track 1 of our brand new CD
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Click the link to listen to this month's cd....

We are excited about what the Lord is doing here at Rig Ministries and the people God is sending here. We have The McKay's booked to be with us at the Mid America Truck show March 23,24,25 in 2017. Our booth will be in the West Wing. We have also booked the McKay Project for March 26 at Rig Ministries and our June 2017 Three Fold Cord conference. Also we have booked Dan Duncan who you will hear on this month's cd along with Mike Manuel & James Payne. You don't want to miss the conference in 2017. 
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Check out our Facebook Page

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Here is March 2017 Newsletter!

Here is the link for this month's message By Pastor Rick Dawson "Testimony of a Hell Bound Pastor"


Ecclesiastes 4:12 And if one prevails against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

What If? What if every Church and ministry was to get together for one cause, wonder what we could all do together? What if, all the Church’s and ministries got together and decided to win our City, our County and the surrounding area for Jesus. What if we put our denominations aside for one cause, one reason, to win our area for Jesus and to see souls saved, people healed, people changed. What if there was a way we could all work together and agree that people need Jesus in their lives? I wonder what would happen to our homes, schools and our community. It’s sad that it takes a tragedy like a bombing we just witnessed or a devastating storm of some kind to get people to pull together. The bible tells us a threefold cord is not easily broken. Jesus said; “A house divided against itself will not stand.” Together we can withstand the storms that are headed our way, divided we will fall.

Well there is a storm going on right now in our community and our eyes are blind to it, until it hits our homes. We need to band together the Churches and ministries in our area and win back our community. What if we started taking the Gospel and present it to people where they are, in their homes, work place and wherever we run into whosoever. What if we handed them a cd, or a gospel tract? Jesus spoke about the power of agreement in Matthew 18:19: "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." Don't put any limitation on this Scripture. Jesus says what He means. We can receive anything if we agree about it in prayer.

The Bible says that one can put a thousand to flight, but two could put ten thousand to flight. If we work together in unity we can reach our area for Christ. We might not reach everyone, but what about the one’s we do reach. We can make a difference in someone’s life today.

This years Three Fold Cord Conference is June 23,24,25 with James Payne, Mike Manuel, Dan Duncan, The McKay Project, Joe Arview, Bill Schell, Sherman Taylor, Jim and Ann Davenport, Richard & Phyliss Coss, Candy McMullen, Michelle McMullen, and many, many, more. Come join us and be part of reaching America for Jesus!

We are excited to bring "The McKay Project to Rig Ministries not only for our Conference in June but also in March. They will be with us at the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville,KY March 23,24, 25 and At Rig at 3 pm on the 26th to debut our brand new cd for the truckers Lonesome Road Volume # 1. On the Mac Records label. We are really excited about this cd I know it is going to be a very special cd for the truckers. We will be releasing some of the songs on this cd to radio so you will be able to call your local radio stations and request your favorite song off this cd, Lonesome Road Volume # 1 and look for Volume # 2 in March 2018..

From The Old Mail Bag!

Dear Rig
Enclosed is my tithe God said for me to send to Rig Ministries. The Rig CD's are great! Keep up the good work and I will continue to help you by leaving your CD's around the country as I travel hauling freight where God and Jesus leads me to each day. Ken Wolf out of Johnson's Corner Chapel in Johnstown, Colorado is a good friend of mine. The first Rig CD he got was one I left for him that I picked up in West Memphis at the Loves Truck Stop. I am glad Johnson's Corner has your CD's in there Chapel now it makes it easier for me to get some to listen too and pass out on the road. I just dropped some off at Jerome, ID. and I also left some this week in Oak Grove, MO. We love you in the Lord and that song you wrote sitting up on Mt. Eagle, Tn. "Midnight in My Life" is an awesome song. I like them all but this one is my favorite song. God bless Rig Ministries and I will be praying for your Ministry. Hal
Hey Hal
Thanks for the support and the kind words, you will be glad to know we are coming out with a very special Music CD for the Truckers Called Lonesome Road Vol # 1 I will send you a copy when we get it finished. Look for it in April this year...
Dear Brother Rayburn
I would like to request prayer for myself and God knows my situation. I am currently not attending Church anywhere and like I said God knows what's going on here. I am sending my tithes to you since I listen to your CD's and you are now my Church. I would like to request a box of Cd's, please. I am praying for God to supply me with some CD's that I haven't heard or maybe some that I need to hear again that will speak to me and my situation. Thanks for all you do Melissa
Praying for you and your family, God bless you and thanks for your support. You are in our prayers each day!
Dear Rig Ministries
It has taken a while for us to send a letter in regards to the 3 Fold Cord Conference of 2016, we apologize. My husband and I were anxious to make the trip that we could not afford. We eloped Dec 25th, 2015 and in May 2016 we celebrated our marriage with family and friends with a ceremony and reception. We sent the invitations and explained we didn't need any gifts and we explained about the conference we wanted to go to and they could donate to that if they wanted. What a blessing God gave us! The money we received completely funded our trip and then some! God is so Good!
At the conference before it even started, at the upper room service, God showed up in a big way, and He was there all weekend. Blessings after Blessings, Touch after Touch. During the upper room service at the end, Ann Davenport pulled me into the circle when I asked for prayer for my step dad who had two types of cancer. God told her to tell me to go home and lay hands on him and claim God's healing on him. HE DID! HALLELUJAH!
God used Jim Davenport and Bob Wilson to heal my husband of hernia pain he had been having. (Bob didn't know anything about it! Now that's God!)
The conference was such an awesome revival that we desperately needed. We're looking forward to many, many more. We have already made plans to attend this year's 3 Fold Cord Conference June 23,24,25 in 2017.
Love in Christ and see you in June, Robert & Karly Darling
God bless you and I will have to say you are the Darlings of Rig Ministries and we can't wait to see you in June. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support to Rig Ministries. We love you guys and you have been a blessing to us!


February Newsletter and Mail Bag

Here is the Link for Feb 2017 CD & our Feb. Newsletter!


Rig TV Begins in 2017

Rig TV will begin airing Friday Nights @ 8 PM Feb 3, on TV 38 West Plains, MO. This will be a weekly hour program and you will be able to view it live each week on TV 38 West Plains,MO. cable TV in Southern MO and Northern Arkansas or Light the World Ministries website, www.ltw38.com. This is also going to open up a brand new ministry here at Rig Ministries and that is a DVD Ministry. We will have each episode on DVD as we go through this year 2017, there will be 13 episodes and we will have a new episode each month. This will be available to all those who are a part of Rig Ministries. We are really excited about our programs and I know you will be too. We have some of the best Country Gospel Music you will ever hear on our programs with our co-host Joe Arview. Some of our guest that we will be having on our programs will be Award Winning Country Gospel Singer Songwriter Mike Manuel, Award Winning Country Gospel artist Mary Fay Jackson of Texas Country Gospel TV & Southern Praise TV, Award winning Country Gospel singer songwriter Kevin Rowe, Jim and Ann Davenport of J & A Ministries, Gaylon Taylor of Faith on the Move Ministries, Chaplain Darrell Spicer of Channel 21 Ministries, Candy & Michelle McMullen of Free In Christ Ministries, Matt Carroll & Family, Michael & Kim Nolte, One of the top 3 most decorated veterans in the state of Illinois Sherman Taylor a real American Hero, Danny Dennis, and Also Bill Schell one of the best singer songwriter's you will ever hear, Bill has written thousands of songs and many artist all over the country have recorded his songs. Wow! what a lineup of shows we have for you on Rig TV, a Church without walls, a Church out of the Box! Every program you will hear Award winning Country Gospel singer songwriter and my good friend and co-host Joe Arview singing and talking about some of the great songs that God has given him to write and sing all across the Country.

So we are really excited about the doors God has opened up for us here at Rig Ministries. Our radio programs are going along very well and we continue to be blessed and highly favored by the calls and letters we receive here each week. We have been asked to become a part of the local programming on Love Life Radio Community Radio 107.9 FM in Decatur, IL. Rig Ministries can be heard on several other radio station across the country I am trying to get some confirmation on some of the stations that are playing the Rig CD's. We just talked to David Little in Eastman Ga. and they are playing Rig CD's every night of the week and they have just given us the prime time slot of 7pm Central time 8 pm Eastern time on their internet radio Station. David was telling me now you can listen to gospelgemsradio on your home computer, Ipod, & your telephone even! How cool is that! Rig Ministries is proud to be working with so many great ministries and Churches across the Country to send the Gospel into the homes of America. We truly are a Church without Walls a Church out of the Box! Here is the link to get to Gospel Gems Radio, the new internet radio program for the Gospel message in Word and song. www.gospelgemsradio.com Call David Little and request your favorite Rig CD to be played. 478-374-5744....

Here is Gospel Gems Radio mailing address if you want to drop them a line I am sure they would love to hear from you. WDJS Radio 2176 chester Hwy, Eastman, GA. 31023

Another great way to listen to the Rig CD's is our Rig Podcast. www.rigpodcast.podomatic.com

We want to hear from you! please use those return envelopes we put in with our newsletters and CD's and drop us a line and tell us which cd is your favorite. We also are looking forward to Dennis & Leslie McKay coming to the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, KY March 23,24,25 and we will have a brand new music cd to debut at the truck show called Lonesome Road Vol # 1. Dennis & Leslie are working hard to get this project finished by the end of March. Then they will be with us here at Rig Ministries Sunday March 26. God bless you all and remember this, Jesus Loves you and we here at Rig Ministries, we love you too! and this is Chaplain Gary Rayburn and we will talk at you later!

From The Old Mail Bag!

Dear Rig Ministries

A neighbor of mine heard me and my boyfriend (at the time) standing in the road arguing one day, This was back in 2012). She heard me tell him that I wanted to get off drugs (meaning meth). I had been a meth addict for probably 25 years or more. The next day she knocked on my door and said that she had heard me say I wanted to get off meth and told me that the Lord had sent her over to give me some CD's. They were Rig CD's of Tony Mac. I just want to let you know that those CD's helped me get on the road to recovery and I am thankful for the CD's that I get. They have helped me and touched my heart and I am sure they are a blessing to many. I just want you to know how much it hurt me to hear about Tony, I so much wanted to meet him some day. Now I will have to wait till I get to heaven, but I am hoping to get to meet Candy. I would love for her, Gary and whoever to come to my Church sometime. We have a small Church in Cohutta, Ga but we would love to have you all visit, (especially me) I feel like I already know you "All" already because I listen to every CD I get. If possible please send me all the Tony Mac CD's you can. Keep up the good work, your CD's are a blessing and I love you guys. May God continue to bless you all, Lora.. P.S. I finally am making it! I am 16 months clean now. Praise God!!

Lora we would love to come to your Church some time and I am sure Candy Mac would love to hear from you. Please give her a call it would bless her so much to hear from you. Her Phone number is on her testimony CD I just sent you! Also please give me a call 618-383-2107.

Dear Rig Ministries

God bless you, I am praying for your ministry. I listen to your cd's every time I go any where in my car. That is all I listen to! I know many souls are getting right with the Lord from listening to them. Keep up the good work and God bless you. Georgia in Texas,

God bless you Georgia and thanks for your support and help!

Dear Rig Ministries

First we want to give our condolences to Candy and her family. Tony had a great love for God. His CD's are still favorites. We didn't know him personally but we could sure feel the Holy Spirit through him It's been a while since we've gotten a box of CD's. Things happen in life we least expect. We are adopting our 3 grand kids! 2, 5, and 6 years old, boy, girl, boy! The parents have lost their parental rights due to drugs. So much of this is happening all across America. Nothing like starting over! We know it's God's will so we have to do it. Prayers are welcome! Anyway we wanted to send a donation and also get more CD's whenever you can send a box. Very Much Appreciated! God is Good! Brian & Michelle

We Love you guys and we will be praying for you and I am sure that everyone who reads this will be praying for you and your whole family. God bless you and your family.

Dear Rig Ministries

Just want to thank you for all you do. I drove OTR for 15 years. I started out as a God-hating person. Over time, I listened to many of the CD's you put out in truck stops. I needed them to stay awake on the night runs. Those of Tony McMullen and the turned around biker guy who locked a fella in a trunk with a skunk for 3 days really struck home with me. Do you have a listing where you can order those CD's? I passed all of my copies along to others but would love to have those to listen to over again. Thank you in helping me find my way back to God. J. Davis

Thank you brother for your testimony, check out our podcast for a list of the cds you can download. www.rigpodcast.podomatic.com We have well over 500 different messages and we try and keep about 60 different messages in stock and try to send out as many as possible to those that distribute our CD's for us! Remember Jesus Loves you and we do too, and this is Chaplain Gary Rayburn and we will talk at You later!

 Bob & Stephanie Wilson
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